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390T rebuild & 390+loader !

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most may have seen my older attempts at a 'bigger than a 362 massey' by replaceing the front axle with one from an MF 2680 & new-ray rears , didnt look great , but not many of mine do  :D :D

the axle was a bit much for it come the end & snapped the chassis pin off  :(  & because the rear axle was a solid bar type &britains hyd lift lever was the intenal design the linkage was unable to work , so an elastic band was used ,

all gone now !

i thought id go CT style & do my own 390 rebuild  :D :D :D :D

front axle is now from a ford 5610, tims toys front wheels were drilled out to make use of the axle pins & for now a bolt has been threaded into the chassis the head will be ground down so's not to be so conspicuious

because the tractor is so short ,front weights are from a ford 5610 & glued on the front & helps to keep the front wheels on the ground for use with heavier implments 

wheels from a tims toys deutz were used for the rear still on a solid bar axle , the elastic band & britains linkage has been removed & linkage from an old siku renault ceres has been fixed to the chassis


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not having much choice where the linkage could be fitted, some implements dont quite go down to the ground like the plough for instance , but at least the front weight keeps her from dancing  :)

this tractor will more likely be used for haulage & feeding duties & maywell be one of the trimmer tractors , might even see if a loader can be fitted , just to nark tris off when he gets back  :D :D :D

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Tris will be really tormented when he sees this  :D :D

Looks good Marcus - make her a 390T for more power  ;)

nashmach: i have an exhaust pipe ready to fit for a turbo but till i get the right size drill bit i cant drill into the bonnet  :(

added mirrors & steps & complete with new plough i got a sunstrip,rear window sticker & overalls ! :D :D :D :D

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Blimey Marcus.... that looks superb mate... what a cracking idea you had there mate.... that's just crying out for a loader on it...

Also.... I don;t recall seeing the 17 / 100/ 110  slurry takner before... can I see some more pics please...  :-*

? but i posted pics of it behind my 595 a while back in your leaflet post on tankers  ::)


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