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Redrock Trailer  

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I have been given permission by REDROCK to basically produce anything from their range, I just have to confirm each thing as i do them to drawings

What i want to ask u lot is do u think this would be a big seller?????


My site will be REDROCK massive soon (By soon I mean before I turn 30)  :D :D

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I put not a big seller but what sort of quantity could you turn out :-\

What would you class as a big seller    And what sort of production runs would you be able to achieve

The one thing in your favour is you can charge a decent amount for your labours whereas the big companies have to sell on mass and cheep  Or it's a no go on their behalf

If you do decide to go ahead with your project at least you have a good starting point as per possible customers because you have this forums members and guests to test your wares on before produceing something without sale value

Good luck to you and hope that it takes off

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It may be a big seller in certain places but i have yet to see any Redrock equipment about in this area other than one telehandler, its one of those not very well known brands over this side of the country, i'd never heard of them before i came on here, and as we know people often buy moels of what they see being used, get over the west side of the country then i think it may be a different story :-\

On the other hand it could be a good string to have to your bow because when other manufacturers get wind of how good the models are they may contact  you as well. As Smurf says you can get a good idea of response from us lot here :);)

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Guest XYLON524

I have only seen one Redrock item around here and that was there poo shear grab, but they do make a good trailer and if you have permission i think you maybe onto a winner go for it  ;)

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