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698t work in progress

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thought i'd post a few up of my soon to be 698t just like we had on the farm .still got to paint,add handrails ,mirors ,decals and fully glaze the cab.but thought ihp would like it after his 690 post the other day,uses a 6140 chassis as i personally think the 2680 one is way to big compared to the real tractor

what do you think?

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one option i was thinking about was switching it all onto a 362 chassis and fitting 595 rear wheels.been trying them out but looks to small overall the cab looked huge on it so  this is the best comprimise i think,.although i will keep looking for the right wheels as like you say does sit a litle high but not to much unlike the 362 chassis option,i'll post some pics up when i get a chance so you can see what i mean

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I think it looks good as it is, i saw a 390t on www.farmmodels.net have you saw how that one was made? Maybe use some ideas from there? :-\

already made one  of those powerstar,along with a 3680 with the right cab,and a 6290 on a uh chassis and a 2685 eletronic,mid project

i might use the 362 chassis option for the 290 i am going to do (with new style duncan cab)as this was a smaller tractor ,just need to see how the front loader will go on and look size wise

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got the bases for 3 more of the 3680's ,just gotta get the 3 ros for the cabs ect, enough parts for 1 more 390 ,the 698 could be more of a problem though as i can't seen to get any ros 1040's,to get the cabs,no one seems to be able to get them even though there still made,was going to see if andy can get them

also looking at casting the bonnets for the 390,and doing a longer 6180 bonnet for a 6290 chassis or uh option(like farmmodels.net version).just got to master hollow casting any one got any tips

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