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Silage Clamp - Feel free to take the P


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MGU wanted a silage clamp so heres one I made out of an old shoe box!!  :D

Construction time 2 minutes.

Materials used a box, sellotape and stanley knife. ::)

MGU is going to paint it - but wants to play with it first!!!!! :D

Master craftsman or what!!! Ricky , F-P, Sparrow legs, Graeme etc watch out!  :D :D ::) ::)::)



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we all know how good you are G but do you really think you can build a silage pit from acorns ? :D :D

seriously kev do an mdf one will last longer & be stronger for mini-bgu :)

I intend doing an MDF Barn, built loosly along the lines of the Brushwood ones. Rather than cutting slots I was going to use wood dowel pegs??

It's OK doing the barn out of MDF, but painting it or getting some covering to make it look like bricks or a corrugated roof will be the problem. How about signs?

Anyone know where I can get these things?

I will do a silage pit at the same time.

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Seriously though... Like Brian said... we are not here to take the p1ss... that's a great silage pit you have made "Mini BGU"... if indeed it is for him  ::):D :D :D :D

I wish I was inventive... I never seem to have ideas like that... I just look at a shoe box and it cries... well..... shoe box  :'( :'( :'(

Let's see it painted please... I reckon it will look the dogs bollards  ;)

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