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Vintage contractings new yard


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Hey guys I have FINALY started my yard dio. A huge thanks to Olie for the sheds he gave me. It pushed me along leaps and bounds. I hope you like the start of it

This is looking over the yard


looking towards the machinery sheds


looking along towards the grain and hay area


Looking at the grain storage area The fendt is flat out carting from the old grain storage site


Here is the manitou stacking the baleage thats been shifted from the old storage padock


Please do tell me what you think good or bad i need all the pointers i can get

Cheers Nicj

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Loosk good so far Nick!! Are you going to lay down road on the rest of the areas, or leave is as it is?  :)

When the budget alows for more supplys ill get more yard mat and ill get grass mat when i get my next board to start the padocks. there will be a road somwhere.

Looking really good to me, have you got any close ups of your John Deere,s

Thanks GGG

Ill get them out tonight and get some pics up 4 you ggg you will see the whole fleet of JDs

what are the bales made from mate ?

They are made from oasis foam. i went to the florst and got it from there. $4 for a block and i get 16 bales out of. beats the $2 per siku bale. All i do is drill with a hole saw and cut it to thick ness then drill again. They look realy good to me

Thanks for all the kind coments guys. It has  LONGGGGGGGG way to go. There will be some new pics up tonight. i had a shift around last nite

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Like the manitou nice ;) layout looks good starting out well, you could add some greenery Kiwi some fields and hedges make all the difference.

That all comes when i get my the rest of the sheets. this is my yard for every thing. Im going to have paddocks down the garage more and around the close side also.

But here is some greenery for you



Hope you like

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Hey guys been out working on the yard today. ive started to make my road and have started to put some padocks in. Im just waiting for the hard ware store to get more dowl so i can make more fences before i do so pics. Im waiting for the ute to go get the second large board to start the road and a coupple of padocks. Im realy strating to enjoy this but i think im trying to put to much gear in my yard. What do you guys think ?

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well it depends how much your farming in your imaginery farm, i always try to match the gear used with its workload and if anything i have a bit less gear so that the farm is kinda under a bit of pressure like in most cases on a real farm  ::)

Some good points there. Only thing is im not doing a farm. Im doing my contarcting depot that covers a huge regon .

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Sounds good Nick ... Keep us posted on everything going on.

And too much gear ? Hmm ... seeing as it's a contracting yard it would be fine. But i found my diorama was getting too cluttered so now im concentrating on bits at a time mainly because i've got such a tiny area to work on.E.g. The farm track or soon to be cattle shed  ;) ;) But i would just concentrate on areas of the farm ... i learnt not to try and do everything at once. But yeah everything is looking fantastic Nick  ;)

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Hey guys my fencing stuf turned up today. I got the road layed and some grass sowen and its starting to look realy good. Im waiting for my next base board to make padocks. Here are soem pics for you to cast your comment on . I think i have the yard entrence is to thin  :-\




Hope you like them

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Hey guys got a bit more done. ive got all the yard that i can reach sealed now. ive also go a new shed up. Im going to widen the entrence way out a bit as i dont think a artic will ever fit in it  :-\ shes a little tight for the fendt and tandom trailer. how would a truck and semi cope?




These are my last pics for a while as you guys eam to have lost intrest. ill start posting again when i have the next door farm padocks put in place

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