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Fen End Farm by GGG


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Well here we go I can,t put it off any longer.This is the start of Fen End Farm

The board measures approx 1.5m x o.75m

I,m going to try and make it as cheap as possible (cos I,m hard up ) but I may add the Britains Farm Buildings quite early on

So boys over the next few weeks you can share with me all the excitement,all the mistakes and believe me I,m no Handyman so there,s gonna be some

The tractors etc that are in the pics are to help see the scale

Wish me luck and any tips and comments will be heartily welcome



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Nice one Brian... Good luck mate... we are all rooting for you on the sidelines... think of me in a cheerleaders costume crying... Bri Bri... he's our man... if he can't do it noone can  ;D

So what's phase two then Brian... come on.. I'm itching to see it finished now... don't do a ben on us mate

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Any progress today Brian...

Don't mean to hassle you or anything  :D::)

Hi Marky dont rush me please this is going to take a few weeks (or years )

This evening outer cladding on shed plus had a idea for a couple of silo,s (old paint tins ) but now I,m a thinking they are to small

Next jobs are.Fit something to the corners of shed and start to paint it.Make tops and doors etc for silo,s and paint them



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