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Opico machinery

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After attending the LAMMA show today and speaking to the nice chaps at Opico on their stand i now have permission to make any of their machines with a view to them listing the models in their price booklets. Was wondering if you lot out here think, would you be interested in buying models of their machines. Take a look on their website below and post suggestions of what machines of their range would be of interest to you in 1/32, quite a step for me this early on so i need some thoughts and feed back on it :);)


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set of these for the smaller farmer to i recon, would look good on my 390 anyway


I will certainly look at the possibility of making a Vari-Disc. The Opico guys themselves have asked me to build a model of their sub soiler, would this be of any interest to you boys as well?

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I've got an Opico six metre grass harrows with an air seeder on (the one with 8 outlets rather than 16). If you made that i'd be fairly near the front of the queue!

That one is a definate on the to do list now. Is your harrow a parallel folding (stacking) one or vertically folding out of interest?

was just looking at the 5 leg subsoiler with crumbler on, that would be a nice bit of kit to i recon

They were saying that that model is their best seller so are very keen for a model so watch this space ;):)

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look slighlly different to the ones in my links :-\

Gav, just build all of them ,we'll all get what we want then :D :D

You don't want much do ya ::):D :D :D;)

well done gav, i got permission from a manufacturer at lamma also, not opico though.

This is one of the two that i have obtained permission off, the other one will be revealed in good time :);)  Wonder if we could design a gale proof marquee  ???::) ::)::)

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a good day out wanit gav, i went on wensday cos the weather forcast looked better,  jones veg machinary was my interest, looked at heath balechasers also , got permission from them last year.

Are you planning on building of the Jones Equipment mate?

Gav, an Opico Shatta-Press would be good mate......I've got plenty pics of a front mounted one...... :) :) ;)

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First of all Gav, well done mate. After Ian had some nice help from West it is nice to know other manufacturers look out for the little guy, not just in machinery sales but in people replicating there machinery for hobbyist's. Great stuff.

On the model front mate, do what they ask of you first, then do as you see fit in terms of sales. You have asked plenty of questions on what the forum thinks and everyone has replied with constructive comments, take them on board then narrow the suggestions down to the easier/quicker ones while researching the more technical ones. Then once the easy ones are just a case of churning them out, the harder ones should be clearer in your head for the best way to go about making them.

Well done again Gav.  :)

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