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well what with the 784 on ice till april this year

im thinking of a machine to go on the back of her

I did want a 674 type IH and a 2 row elevator digger

but as the 784 aint going to get done this side of april

that means the 74 series tractor will be a year away atleast  :-\ :(

nevermind  I have some  Plasti-card

and im thinking of whipping up one of these

one question  what wheels would you use ?

I was thinking of the old britains rotory tedder wheels


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thats something differant. we used to have a ransomes two row one.

as far as im aware they are the same digger starbrush

as you can get the digger in blue with RANSOMES & JOHNSON

on the diggers But I think johnson where the origional manufactures

might start on it sunday

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used to have a IH 614 topping in front of the 674 lifting

when the topper was taken out of PTO it used to make

one hell of a clanging noise as it slowed down

must have been a heavy topper aswell because the 614

had front wieghts on and the front STILL bounced about


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