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From the information I have these are the details of these models -

The small gritter was part of Set 9884.  Came with a Unimog fitted with a snowplough.

The large gritter was numbered 9841.

I don't have a Deutz DX92 issued as a Autoway model.  The Autoway models as far as I'm aware were decalled as DX110.  I supoosed it's possible some were issued as DX92's.  Anyway the Deutz tractor was issued as part of two Autoway sets

9881 with a Rear Dump trailer

9886 with Liquid/Vacuum Tanker

Hope this helps

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Yellow Deutz first issued in set no. 9881 with rear dump and man in 1984, early versions had the wheels from the volvo and DX110 decals in black, a transitional model! See 1984 trade catalogue.

Then issued as DX92 in same set with red decals and standard Britains wheels in yellow, presumably also in 1984. Also issued with liquid tanker and man in set no.9886 in1985. Both sets/autoway tractors deleted end of 1986.  :)

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