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JQ 3350.....another one- Now Finished!!!

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Thought I'd post up some pictures just to show how I was getting on for the people who have helped me with this project... (Old Ford especially) I know it's nthing new but here is my version so far. I decided to build it on a Siku rather than a UH in the end as I think they look slightly more 'chunky', if you know what I mean. Let me know what you think.  ;);D ;D

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You are doing well there Will, just take your time and all will come good. There will be no stopping you soon. :)

Yeah maybe... think your alright left with the JD's though- do you not get tired of doing them?  ::):D :D

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Right, got a lot more done today and is starting to take shape.... firstly have grinded down both mudguards. I have also made a new exhaust pipe and painted the air cleaner, fitted mirrors and a beacon, which all now need gluing, however the priority was to make the wheels run smoothly, so bent back the arches slightly, cut down the axle housing and added washers and now runs very smoothly. Here's how she's looking at the moment however I'm about to dismantle it and paint it now that I have the paint. Let me know what you think.  :)



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Had a slight incident in the night with corrosive JD paint and plastic tub and has gone everywhere, so will have to rub it down and paint it again!  >:( >:(>:(

....Now re-painted and assembling later on this evening all being well.  ;)

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