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Graham.s buildings


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Graham have you ever thought of doing this full time instead of going out to work ?

your are a expert.

Yes I know some dodgy model shop just down the road from you that would just be honoured to distribute these on  ;):D :D

As the guys have said ' the detail is incredible as always'

Well done mate  ;)

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just come back from freinds in wales i made this model based on there farm in monmouthshire about four years ago ther grandaugter plays with it know she is only two so it gets knocked about a bit but her nan says she has hours of fun with it  ;)

as would we all ! she's a very lucky little girl indeed  :) :)

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hi marcus thanks for your valued comments i do all the detail myself by freehand the farm was a county small holding which they gave up milking only  100 arces 60 cows plus followers could not make it pay been there thirty six years so it was quite a wrench for themto go  ??? ???

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