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I know its nothing that hasn't been done before but I wanted to share this with you all.I have been working on this convo for a while now.I started with an old 5000 and fitted a Siku JCB Fastrac front axle to give it 'proper' steering.I turned the axle upside down as well.I kept the Fastrac wheels as well.I am now just going to do some small details and waitning for decals to come from Henri Walker in Holland.I will post up some more photos when its finished.

Thanks for looking. :)


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Nice one....... wait till Barry see this  ;D

Stevey Stevey Steve  ;) ;)

Usual top quality paint job mate I see and those wheels  :o :o Oh yes those wheels  ;)

Steve could you please ring up Mr Walker and tell him to get a move on with those decals as that baby needs to find its way to its well appreciated home  :-*:-*

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I may actually keep this one ,and then do some more to sell.

I must admit I sometimes regret selling every convo because I don't actually own any of my old ones at all.I have made loads of big countys,7000s etc and never kept one yet. :-[

>:( >:(>:(

Huh I'm off down the pub then to sulk  ;)

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Sorry Barry.......................just wait for a bit and I will see how it goes.

It all depends on the Britains Fordson I am bidding on at the moment on ebay .

I might need to sell this one to fund the major ! :-\

If I bid up the same Fordson so you spend more  ;) that should do the trick right  :D :D

Its funny to a non converter like myself how wheels on modern models like the fastrac that you sort of take for granted look so good on the old classics like that ;)???

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Lovely collection you've got there 1972, makes me wish more of mine was on show. I like majors too, only have one two boxed examples though. Are your yellow majors the super and new performance? with and without rear lights? You've got the yellow trailers mixed up, going by the wheel centres! :)

Sorry going of topic here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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