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Powerstar's Powerfarm

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I have recently came across a Powerfarm TW-35 in a fairly bad condition, and the motor doesn't work, i'm wondering if anyone can help me troubleshoot? I havn't had a look properly yet but i would rather have some idea of what i'm looking for before i start stripping the whole thing down. Hopefully it will be back to tip-top condition as soon as i've finished real life 2nd cut silage and have a bit of time. Thanks.

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Well on my way now, motor works perfectly, got a new bonnet,wings,cab and everything, just wondering if it had a steering wheel, I know there was no steering rod connected to the wheels due to the battery but i wondered if there was just a steering wheel stuck there to look good? Most of the parts came from a donor 8730, just need to find some TW-35 onnet stickers now, will post some pictures if you chaps want to have a look?

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I know none of you asked for a picture, but i'm pleased with it so I'm afraid i'm going to show you it anyway :) Here it is, looking better now anyway! And with a fully charged re-chargeable battery for long nights out with the Howard rotor spreader ;)

Just need either TW-35 decals or a complete new bonnet. And steering wheel. And i have located a box off of a friend but only the outer packaging. I suppose it came in either a polystyrene case or plastic, most probably the plastic, might try and locate one of those and there you go, a new Powerfarm  :D Any questions i would be happy to answer them, or you can E-mail them too me.

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Hi Powerstar,

Found these maybe of some help...

http://www.britainstoyfarm.co.uk/page5.html  Dave is cheaper than farmmodels


I know a lot of people speak highly of Daves work and he is a forum member :)

http://www.farmmodels.co.uk/  look under Spare Parts

County / TW35  1:32

WP132 bonnet - County or TW ?6.50 

WP133 county 1884 side decals ?2.50 

WP134 grill decal  ?2.50 

WP135 County front axle  ?3.50 

WP136 frontweight * 5mm  ?1.25 each

BH 032 County front weight/lamp block - resin ?6.00 

BH033 cab resin - County or TW ?9.00 

BH034 floor pan / mudguard ?9.00 

BH035 exhaust - County or TW ?2.25

I don't know what they are like as a company as I have never ordered from them.

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