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Small Set Up

Guest KevinT

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As you can see the first picture is South Africa - Table Mountain in the background!  ;D

Or in Kentucky - because of the Blue Grass / Carpet.

Can you see another JD fan in the background of the second picture. ;D ;D

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We do it to stop it going rotton by the rain etc over winter. Before we wrapped them we use to lose quite alot of straw, the first 4 inch's of the bale would be just soggy straw which isn't too nice to lye on. So we decided to wrap them to see the outcome, we only put 1 layer on but it does stop them turning to crap.

Where only doing it though till we put our new shed up then it will be stored under there. Were in the process of making the hardstanding for it at the moment so lot's or lorries turning up with rubble, soil etc, but to store 4000+ bales a year on it we still have a fair/hell of a long way to go :-\ :D :D

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