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hi everyone, always had a thing for slurry guzzlers. and you never see many around, dont even start on the manufacturer :D :D

so i decided the farm would look nice with one, its made from a britains 'milk tanker' tank, lonestar wheels, dowel, plastic pipin etc..........

doesnt look too bad, i will have nore picturesw this afternoon of it 'used' should be messy!!!!

thoughts welcome please..............




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thanks fb, yes college is good, go back tonight, supposed to be at work experiance today but i left my overalls at coll and my second cousin isnt at work today so will be boring!!!!

i have loads of storys and pictures to post when i have time...........

on the subject of the slurry guzzler.............

not many about i no that, but the majority are made by 'slurry guzzler' and are yellow with red wheels, they work by reversing the entire tanker into a ramped lagoon. the tanker has a vacuum but also a corkscrew system at the back for tougher sludge, they are prone to blocking and clogging with 'biily band' but the later models resolved this common problem i beleive. the positive features of these machines are there tough build, quick fill and i mean quick fill hence 'guzzler' , and the new ones are all galvanised and stainless, however down sides are the horsepower requirement and the blockage factor, plus not everyone has a ramped lagoon. however on mine you will notice an exit to one side, you can fill via pipes from here. and it can be used to side spread to, and my added extra was top fill lid :D :D :D:) :) it does it all.................



can anyone get me the decals???????


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