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They do work well yes, it is a bit hard to drill a hole in the ends however. I must admit that I got the geometry wrong a little.

I am planning to build up my model farm again, trying to decice what to call it. Considering Two Oaks Contracting or JAG Contracting (Two oaks farm).

Love the site.

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Brilliant, I thought it may get the thumbs up. I have built a Buzz Bar for it too but havent got any pics of that yet.

Plan for the future is to put the kuhn flail topper on the front but I can't seem to find where to purchase one of those detailed front linkages like the UH ones. Anyone help?

Probably paint the kuhn in McConnel colours. As I said I will build up my farm and get some pics on here of the process.

Plan at the moment:

JD 7400 SPFH,

7930 with front linkage and Agrium Models Buck rake for silage time,

a few 7530's when they arrive,

6920 or two

3350 for yard work

JCB telehandler, hopefully the new joal machine

John Deere 2264 walker combine for my 'home farm' cereals

2 x BB960 Balers

Claas variant UH

Claas Wrapper baler from siku

Varous trailers for the silage fleet

I hope to construct a big bale wrapper < Mchale Obviously, king of all wrappers!!

A couple of muck spreaders,

Samson slurry injector

Plan in the pipeline to build a Simba 'Spread a Bale' for my cattle sheds

Then have some cattle sheds and some machine buildings along with a medium sized grain drier, either self built or seriously considering geting graham to buil one. I don't think I could do better.

Ooooooooooh, its all being planned in my mind, just doesnt leave much time for work!!!

Thanks guys, I'll keep you updated.


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