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Britains Powerfarm Ford TW problems.


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Just got a Britains powerfarm Ford TW of ebay, anyway to cut a long story short cause I'm knackered. I have put the battery in the bonnet etc, pushed the switch backwards and forwards but nothing happens. Just wondering if there is anything I can do to make it work without splitting it if so what? I am open to all ideas :)

Help :D



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I'm in the process of doing mine up check out the Powerstars Powerfarm thread. I used a piece of tinfoil on the end of a screwdriver to check for any missing contacts, and then found one where the blue switch slides backwards and fowards got a piece of copper and fitted that, WD40'd the whole lot then left the motor running for 10-15 mins, runs sweet as a nut.

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Sorry didnt get there, the weather here was crap all weekend, drizzle and mist all day sunday. apparently, according to the out law, he said that only a few planes flew over so i guess it was a dissapointing show?. Last time the B-17 and Lancaster were banned from flying due to the rain and insurance costs. There is another in october, last one for the year

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I seem to remember this being aired before as well and I think that I mentioned this before that some of the power farm tractors had the motor fitted the wrong way round as some of them would not work even from new and on others the copper battery contact strips did not contact the armeture pins.

Anyone that has one of these tractors with a non-working motor, they can be replaced. The motor that will replace the original is not cheap, the Hornby electric model trains have the same motor.

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