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I took this pic at the show....not sure what model it is though


I would say this is a standard blue fordson commonly known as the "water washer fordson" since its air cleaner was filled with water (see below fuel tank) . I would say around about 1937 or there abouts. I remember my grandads one however it had wide wings and the wheels were different. The rears look kind of industrial?

The model is a Fordson E27N which was based on many of the original standard fordson parts but was higher and had bigger wheels. After the blue standard fordsons there were yellow / orange and green (don't quote me on the order). Ford did not spend much on retooling when they made the E27N and by all accounts they were seen as not a very good working tractor since they guzzled paraffin and hadn't very good wheel grip. I'm not a fan of the old Ford tractors and much prefer the better engineered International Farmalls.

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I think the roller may even be home made,it has that look about it but its still nice.I have now cleaned the tractor and it looks even better.

I was pleased because there are lots of lead pieces which I haven't got.

It was a bargain at ?25.00.

I don't think it is home made. There are quite a few differant implements along these lines. Some of them very strange to look at, meaning not obvious or apparent what they are supposed to be or do ??? When you come across one of these you will know what I mean! Is the bit of harness made out of plastic?

A nice bargain there 1972, buy it now by any chance? ;D

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I never saw it but then I don't look at the same time every day and also get a bit bord looking at the same old rubbish stuff, especially when I look at the last 2 days worth of new items as I've seen some of it already  ::)

I see there is another Robilt item on there, boxed again :)

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