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need advice on a setup


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first off all i apologise if this is in the wrong forum.

Im planning on building a Model Farm, particulary a silage setup, with a open clamp, a few implement sheds and a field or 2.

I have drew a good few layout plans but have scrapped them all. I don't know a good size of board to start off with as im limited to space. Biggest would be 6x6.

Does anyone have any suggestions on layouts or photos that i could take a bit of imspiration from.

Where would be the best place to get grass like carpet for the fields?



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Hi Noel

I would check out Old Fords farm and also Farmermarshall they have clamps on their layouts I also think smallclaas does to. Browse through the Model farm section there are literally hundreds of ideas from which to draw inspiration from.

I think mjb uses small doormats for fields, astro turf from and DIY centre can be used for grass or a trip to the model shop will get you the grass mats used on railway layouts.

Hope that helped and welome to the forum  :)

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A few basics things to think about

You need to decide whether you want 200 tractors per acre of just a few?? ???....some farms can look cluttered

The style of buildings you want ???

how many you want ???

What style of farm, arable, mixed etc. ???

What implements you need ???

then Start small and build up slowly, like OF did with his

i have 2 sheds but no layout as i havent got the time to board the loft properly yet, but even then i will only have 2 or 3 tractors,  1 combine and implements associated with arable farming only....but will allow the new sheds to be easily converted to cow style housing sheds....

and if you cant be bothered to make them ask Graham or smallclaas to make them :D

have a look also on


the through the sub menus, there are a few displays on there that are good as well as additional links :)

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Like FB I do not have the space for an entire layout but have instead chosen to take an individual piece approach. This means every part somes away as it's own display but also slots together to make one bigger one. You may prefer this idea for storage reasons and to give the pieces more than one life.

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have    a look at this  http://www.farmtoysforum.com/forum/index.php?topic=13354.45 this  was  my set up although have got plans  for some  extra  buildings and scenes ................ in  your  layout it depends if  you  want a permanet display or mobile one  for different  venues  then buildings can be soild or slot  together  ............

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i started out small at first and now its been raised of the floor and fitted into the roof suports, as ben said pic a style of farming (arabel/dairy ,root ect) and stick to it, dont mix ,that takes space up for equipement ect like crazy, if you going modern remember  every things a lot bigger tractor and kit wise , mines 70's/80's so all small kit, more room for barns and livestock units ,,i am lucky enough now to have room for fields but only by luck

take a look at mine ,any questions just fire away


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Hi,my board with a small field area is about 6x4 and its to small but I am limited on room space.If you go 6x6 will you be able to work the middle of the board without slipping a disc in your back.Have a good look through the section on Your Model Farms you will pick up some cracking ideas

Have Fun


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hi fella you can get all the help you need on here just ask away size is always a problem  ??? ??? the more you got the more you need so stick to your plan like old ford says look at ggg what a nice little farm he has if i can help just get in touch ;)

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thanks for all your advice everyone!!!

Gonna take it slow and not rush. When i get more of an idea what i would like i will let you all know.

Am looking forward to the show, might get some ideas.

smallclaas check your PM



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best way, well thats what Old Ford said ::)....now he has a farm the size of a small island :D :D...and Smallclaas a small country :D :D :D

mines all in my head, just keep posting ideas, get others to build it then you can see what it looks like ;)

i have a idea for another big shed and thats it, maybe a open fronted type one for converting to a cattle shed and back to machinery :-\.....things never work out how you want though :(

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