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How about this for a model combine.


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Let's start a section for model combines.

Here is one for you. It's a 1931 Allis Chalmers Type A60 'All Crop' trailed combine in 1/12th scale by Franklin Mint.

It's a 'working' model with fantastic detailing, put the 'cranking' handle in the back and turn it and see it 'going'.





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Made by Sunstar models in china I believe.. superb... I must say... Until the January show in London I always thought that Franklin mint stuff was a con (tat that was overpriced)... Then I saw the Oliver tractor they produced through Sunstar...  :o :o - It's a true heart stopper... no photograph can do it justice really...

That combine must be the same... from the pics it looks great... But I wouldn't mind betting it looks EVEN better in the flesh as well  ;)

Thanks for posting

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Smart looking model! 8)

I bet it costs a pretty penny too?

Apparently it was very close to ?400 or so the guy I bought it from said. The story behind this one is that the previous owner was getting rid of it to create a bit of space as it was too big for him to display so he took it to the last toy fair down here and put it on a mates stall with a price tag of ?150, when I was looking at it, it was drawing a lot of interest and discussion. I asked the owner if it was complete and he told me it was, apart from the outer box, the model had never been out of its inner styrene box, contained in the lid of the inner box was a tool to put the belts on the drive cogs, two extra drawbar pin locks, (a cone that fits up under the tractor pin to keep it hitched on) a booklet telling the history of the machine etc, certificate of authenticity, a large pictorial 'instruction' poster, a pair of cotton gloves to handle the model and finally, in a seperate box, the wooden display base thats about 2 feet x 18 inches.

Anyway, one onlooker said that at ?150 it was too cheap and he was probably right but being my cheeky self I offered him ?100 in notes for it and too my surprise, he accepted, so I paid the man, grabbed it quick and ran.

To put things in perspective, one guy was selling a Corgi Power Major Halftrack in its original box with one end-flap missing asking ?165 for it, so I thought this combine was a snip.

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