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the start of the kidd fymax

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well after dwoss very kindly posted his pics up, i have made a start on this now, ,while waiting for some resin parts to set, not the big 7 ton version, but more along the lines of the 2 smaller ones i found a pic of, ,basic bodys built now,just pondering the back end,

pretty sure it was only the 2 paddels as well, unless anyone can correct me

just need to shorten the tow bar when i have the main parts ready ,and have found a great pto shaft for it, inc the knuckel joint at the front,old uh nectus steering shaft





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if you want to use the leaflet I will lend it to you, send me an address.  Also found a picture of smaller one in Culpins farm machinery 10th edition. Tried scanning it but could make nothing of it.  I think the kidd feeder wagons use the same basic designs are there not any about your area?


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not that i have seen mate, last one i saw was on the farm a good 10 years ago now, shouldnt need the brouchure ,as i have a prety good idea about the back end from the pics i have, just unsure about the paddel numbers and positioning, the large one you posted has a rounded part at the lower back, so i will copy that,

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cheers mark, currently sat drawing out the side of the main buldge to get the right shape, then i can fill the edges out with thin sheet,and match the trailer profile, ,also needs a new set of boots, the britains one are a bit to small i think, after a set of siku ones, they are a bit bigger and wider

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bit more done today ,got the side pod on and the opposite side built,just the small pod to fit this side as per the pics i have from dwoss , along with the cross bar and tow eye fitted, also put a set of bigger boots on her as the britains ones didnt look right, to small ,fitted a stand to ,next step is the front buldge where the tensioning bars are for the belt/chains, still undecided which to fit though,

does she look ok scale wise to the 575 then????




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think i may have got to dark a  blue for her lads, what do you think, just got to add the chains and paddel inside once the paint gone properly, and sort some decals


pto shaft is a steering rod from a uh nectis i broke down for parts, needs some more of those i think




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