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nice mate, new one to the mjb fleet eh,get a small mower on her and you'll be away council contracting,

might have to do a 390 like that now as it looks different,

might be able to help on the decals to for you,have her printing some out sometime this or next week before spalding hopefully

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:o :o :o :o Marcus... that is simply stunning mate... I love it... The decals have to be like this though..

What a superb idea.... Why the hell did Mr Britains not come up with that one... what a missed opportunity... perhaps someone should put that to them... You and me perhaps  ;)

What a treat... Oooooo  :-*:-* :-*:-* :-*


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Nice conversion.

I have a 362 currently in bits awaiting the same treatment.

I have been holding back because i have not been able to find a photo to confirm if the whole of the roof is painted yellow or if its just the panels above the side windows.

Anyone help ????


Pm me your email addy Aide and I will "ping" you the brochure mate  ;)
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heres the new chassis mate, and a pic of the decals to, not perfect, but will pass for the min, hopefully get better ones done later on for you after spalding and shes got more time



does she sit level with that axle on it sean ? & is that the plastic cap on the casting pin ? the decals look very good mate , i'll fit them for the day  :)

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ever so slightly nose high mate, but the pics in mark book look like that to, i think the grass tyres you have are slightly bigger than  the normals aint they???,yes thats the cap but cut down, will paint it up if your happy with it, and will also bring a spare seat with me sunday, just incase as they usally break when you try to remove them

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