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tong spud grader

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the front hopper has the hopper belt from the siku beet harvester and the other belts are bought from a model shop called antics in plymouth. i bought it for doing a roof on some barns. it has lines on it to give it that real look like roofing sheets, they do sheets that have block work printed in them too. when painted grey they look good and they have a good texture too.

  worked at riverford organic veg this winter, which is in a place called totnes (well just outside) they have two bulk grading graders ( one is for carrots parsnips etc & a spud one)  with lots of polish girls on that site. then on the main site two more graders that has all the netting,baging and boxing stuff. 

  will do another grading line for carrots , went on the tong website and got some good idea's

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will it be used for filling boxs?. i used a brand new tong/peal one last potato season, it was massive. 3 nice polish ladies working on it as well.

bulk grading this line is for so boxes will be used. will make a triple sizer to go on the end at some point
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Looking good so far, does the real machine separate the smaller/seed potatoes out??

  yes ,spuds come up ,land on coils to take the soil out then on to web which sorts your seed/ small spuds out, then on to picking table to sort. waste put down a shute on to other conveyour then out the end. on the end you can have a sizer which sorts out your right size and big spud.
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