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My basement with my Collection

Tractor Jack

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After a few weeks of tough renovation in my basement, my new showcases ( cabinets) are almost ready.

As you can see on the pictures, we made a kind of concrete slab with building bricks to make the bottom of the showcases.

Then we made the posts from steel profile pipe ( ST-37) 40x30x3 mm.

Put a plate on top with holes for the spotlights and ready is the, almost 4 meter long, 1.66 meter high an 60 centimeter deep showcase.

On the otherside of the room I did the same but I had the possibility to built the cabinet in L-shape.

Now I?m waiting for my last 6 glas doors and 6 glass bottoms and then I?m finished.

My workbench is out of my basement and bought a work / computer table at IKEA ( thanks god for the IKEA solutions.......... I love IKEA !!!!!) with mesures of 120x90 cm with a steel frame ( Modelname is "JERKUM").

Some older carpet tiles on the bottom and my Basement looks like a professional museum.

When you like to come visit me........ well be my guest.



PS: the first picture is the almost 4 meter long showcase, the second one ist one wing of the L-Shaped showcase.



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For all who want to ask where I live, I live in a town named Zeven, it?s between Bremen and Hamburg up in the north, about 10 kilometers from the Autobahn A1.

When someone has the intention to steel my collection, well............. give it a try, Ihave a secured allert, a mother in law and a Smith & Wesson 9mm, just in case when the mother inlaw doesn?t bite.


Tractor Jack

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Well............ afterall.............. A smith & Wesson beats four aces in a poker game........and....... by the way............ do you think that I bought all those models?

It is amazing how to convince people with a little lead.

No....... I?m a legal weapon owner and it gives you a safe fealing in a hard and brutal world.

Check out what the Iranies dit with the British SBS guys............ damn creeps.

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