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hardi Alpha

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sorry it had to be done ;D

started fitting my alpha onto flotation tyres, most large sprayers have wide, floatation and row crops to suit the season, have an idea for the row crops but sold one of the donnor tractors today ::) may wait for some pdc ones

comments please, not fitted into the hub yet so it looks wide, will be quite tricky to do so they can be interchanged but im up for the challenge :P



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steering aint bad on these sprayers, front and back axle steer, mines maybe a bit loose but no prob. good model and there is a chance of seeing the real thing in this country.

seen one, well i think its that model, over here near Soham ;)

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Great idea on changing the wheels for flotations mine arrived in Canada yesterday it's a lot better model than the spra coupe and worth spending the time on it to get the conversion done. I agree with the others that maybe those tyres are possibly not the best for the job but in the end it is your model and I respect your final decision. I am looking forward to seeing the finished model and maybe I will do something with mine If I am brave enough to chop a $100 plus model. 

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to be honest i have put original wheels back on her and put it in the for sale box, i have some better tyres now, is there any interest here for me to re-try to produce a model with inter-changeable wheels to sell? no pressure sales just if people thought they would sell i would start again, i have a plan in mind how to do it without too much cost, mainly wheels and time only ;)

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