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heath multi chaser more pics

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Seriously, wow.

Any chance of some more details, how long, how you joined it all? Any problems you had?  :o :o :o :o

The biggest problem id say was trying to figure out how it worked and trying to get some measurments and scale it down. All of the small rams are an aluminium tube inside a brass tube which can be really difficult to make work properly and made many scrap ones before it was finished trying to drill holes in such a small tube ha is hair puller. Its all soldered together made from brass. I used to use plastikard but wanted to make some models out off brass so just took a bit of practice and when you have the right flux and solder it isnt very difficult, worth a try for sure, would advise anyone to try working with brass its just practice really and plenty of scraped pieces. I just think of it as cutting steel i use a dremel mulit tool to cut it. Worth a try ;D patience is biggest thing with brass learned that the hard way meself ha ???

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