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Carrot Harvest 2007......


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With the real ones almost finished I thought I should get the 1/32 ones out and get cracking......No new kit this year so same machines as last year but still, may be interesting for some members...... :)

The Oldest Member of the fleet - a Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 6.05tt comes in with the straw cutter first......


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cool pic

i would love to have 1 of those elevators



Cheers mate......Took me a while to get my hands on one but I was patient...... ;D;)

Nice pictures mate, the carpet farm is as busy as ever.  :)

Cheers Tim......Oh yes, still got tatties to plant and this year's carrots to plant too...... ;D;)

nice pics Mart, a true carpet farmer!! ;D ;D ;D

Cheers Ben......Exactly right too...... :);)

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Nice pics Mart ... love to see the Wuhlmaus digger in use. I've got one but have never really played with it  :-\ :'( I love the way where you inspire your farm by real life and it gives a great effect and shows you've worked hard. Thanks mate  ;)

Cheers Nick...... :)

Always have copied what goes on in real life farming wise in 1/32......Just used to get annoying when they brought in a tractor I didn't have a model of...... >:(:D;)

glad to see you can make hay while then sunshines (so to speak)

.....it's school for you next week - tee he hee  ;D ;D ;D

Thanks John......Have to make the most of it as I'm so busy these days...... :)

You really didn't have to mention school though...... :D :D ;)

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