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Claas Dominator 98sl

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Well after seeing Grahams conversion of a 118 i think it was i aksed him if i could try one for myself, me and the model it was based on have some history as it was my favourite toy ever and have had it for 14 years. So it would be nice to do something with the model, i didn't use my version as it is very old and i couldn't bring myself to destory it.

So basically here it is. Not the finished version still needs decal, cab details, beacons, mirrors, warning decals and i haven't finished with the header yet. But im pretty pleased with it and due to the bad paint effect i had to give it the damaged or used look, which involved alot of sawing for me  :-[

Any questions fire away  ;)



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Cheers Steve, tidy isn't really how i would describe it but messed up was kind of what i was after as it a workhorse. But looking at the pics i think i've over done it  ::):-\ I got the effect i was after though and thanks for the kind words mate  ;)

Yeah is a bit of worry that Simon although that is my PVA area and my spare saw dust. The sawing area currently has a John Deere 348 baler, a 590 baler and an old green country life tractor  ::)

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Looking good Nick :);)

If your Dad isn't happy about the strip in the grass I can't imagine what he'll say when he see's the holes you've cut in his shed and fence to get the sawdust :o::):D :D :D :D ;)

Cheers Gav and well i'll get round to telling him that later  ;) No i slept round my friends last night and we were having a bonfire and found a few of his Dad's old planks and i did the sawing and was 'economical'  :D :D

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Thanks Ben and for what it is i would give a kid one of the New Ray combines instead of a Siku/ Britains one because they're just so durable, everything works, opening compartment, working header all the little bits you would expect from a Siku/ Britains combine but just less detail but a far far far cheaper price  :) This had lasted 14 years i doubted a Lexion 600 would make half of that for a young child  :-\

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