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however after a lot of though it has been decided that we are going to dip into the silage business ,mainly the haulage side as a local contractor for some of the other farms arround, so after a lot of barganining we have persuaded the mf dealer to throw a set of silage sides in, with self opening tight- on door mech to, make the trailer a lot more usable arround the area





all scratch built form plasti card, andto scale from the mf brouchure  although i am tempted to add a second axel and make it a 7 ton one as the bodys and chassis /lenght are identical, what do you all think??

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Christ Sean... I am lost for words... well almost....  ;D

That is simply fantastic mate from every angle... as for the tite-on door  :o :o :o - you have got that EXACT... wow oh wow... I think that is quite simply the BEST trailer I have ever laid eyes on mate...

10 out of 10 won't do... I give it 11  :o :o :o

I have done the deed on the decals as well... so will mail you the file later tonight... I really CAN'T WAIT to see that finished in all it's glory  :o

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My Father had one of the last trailers out of the weeks factory in Hessle near Hull. In fact it was this one in Red with the Weeks badge on. I look forward to seeing a Popular plus, or a Twin 7, or a Chieftain 10 ?

God I'm showing my age now !!

Thanks for the info Mike... so did weeks make a red trailer that WASN'T badged a Massey Ferguson  ???
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