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Another Sprayer Convertion.

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One that I have been playing about with today.

Started out as one of those Tim Toys and is now an Allman sprayer, or it will be when finished.

Got to tidy up the paintwork a tad and create a decal for it, it will then be ready for work spraying the spring barley.  ;).

Before and after pics.





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That looks really smart, looks spot on!  :)

Thanks for the positive comments. Was going to put some more pipes on but thought there was no need to go OTT. Two hoses coming from the front seemed enough as one represents the hose coming from the tank to the shut-off and the other going to the booms as the booms would have integral piping for the spray nozzles anyway.

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Would those booms fit onto the Britains Chafer sprayer? with a bit of doctoring to the drawbar, it would look close to the trailed allman  ???

I think that the booms may fit as they clip together in a very similar way. The slide mounting for up and down is practically the same as the Chafer sprayer so I reckon they would fit. You could use the boom and mounting on the Britain's Chafer as the tank is held to it with a small screw, would not need much adapting.

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Iv'e just had a good look at the Chafer sprayer and the rear Everard sprayer that was part of the MF 2680 set and the sprayer booms are the same on both so they would all be compatible but the frame on the one I converted to an Allman would be better to use as it is all metal and therefore a lot stronger and on this last one the booms are also exactly the same as the previous two.

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