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2 sanderson's with new fork's

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i picked these 2 Sandersons up on ebay i paid about 4 quid each which i thort was resonable

but they needed new forks so i used the Siku Rear forks as replacements and they look very nice.

ur probly wondering why 1 of them dosent have any windows its because when i bought it, it was falling apart so i took out the windows.

i did see an open cab at our local machinery dealer so it dosnt look out of place, acept on a rainy day  ;) ;) ;) ;)




what ya think ??



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What a brilliant idea! They look good. How much movement do you have with the siku fors - tilt etc?

till they hit the cab ha ha! im going to make some tilt rams for them later  ;) ;) ;)



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