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Hello- Can you help??

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A big hello to you all - I'm new to the forum, and very glad to be here.

Just re-living my childhood (70's-80's) really and getting back into my Britains collection.

Xmases Birthdays and the hard saved pocket money got me a good selection back then, and I regret not being more careful with my early models-

I am now on the look out for my first set I ever had- i think a gift set tractor and trailer-Ford 6600 with Shawney-poole rear dump trailer (blue)

Anyone got one?-or pics of?

I'd love to be able to replace them-,and what would be a reasonable price to pay?- where would I look???

( sorry to be asking so many questions early on-but you seem a friendly bunch ;))

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welcome to the forum homefarm ,

i dare say you'll see them come up on e-bay , but the prices can go from bargain to unbelieveable, another way is to put up what you want in the 'for sale & wanted' section on the forum.

 As well as collectors ,there are buyers & sellers & dealers here,  even udimore is a half decent chap ,well seeing as he's lost so much weight he really is half the man he used to be  :D :D :D :D

if these people haven't got it , they'll know someone who has

there is a links page here also, directing you to stockists that maybe able to help, the model shows are also a good place to be for what you want , you'll see when these are on in the 'farm related events' & if you can get to one , you'll be sure to get what you want  ;)

if you want help with anything , just ask  :) :) :) :)  

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Hi and welcome.

To add a little info to the set you are seeking.  Britains have issued this set many times, each issue has had a different version of Ford tractor.  It was produced from 1964 to 1981 and the Reference Number for the sets issued is 9630.  I have only one example of this set - a Ford Force 5000 Square Mudguards/Blue + Grey Cab/Auto Hitch but there must be at least 3 further versions available.  In the last year various versions of this set have been listed on Ebay and have sold for between ?77-00 and ?135 plus postage.

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Thanks for the welcomes Guys and the info-very helpful.

The set I had was... (looking at ebay examples and bits of this site)- ford 6600,-white cab lid-blue sides,-white Mudguards,-jewel headlites-,blue and white bonnett-side decals....Does that narrow it down a bit??

It would of been between 1977-1982-4

if anyone has pic of the tractor or trailer in their collection-It would be great to confirm that I'm remembering this correctly

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Hello homefarm... welcome to the forum from me as well... That was my first ever model as well  :-\

Good luck with your quest to get one.. and please remember to let us know how you get on... I too can recommend Barry (Udimore)... he has the "face for radio"... but he's a decent fella and an honest guy to boot  ;)

We must be about the same age (I'm 40  :-[ ) - and I remember that 6600 like it was yesterday  :-\

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Thanks again Guys- thats great info- I will of course let you know the outcome.

Bizzare that i've been looking around for years for something I had'nt seen in 20 odd- 5 minutes with you good people and I not only have pics but catalogue numbers !

What a marvelous bunch!- just hope I can be as helpful someday in return on this forum

Marky- I'm 32-but yes the same memories of ploughing the living room carpet no doubt..

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Hello and welcome to the forum home farm, you will love this place, some one knows somthing about any thing on here, if just one of us dosent know about it , its a fake, I hope you find the model as it looks like a super set up, shame its like a pile of rocking horse dung over here :'(

Enjoy your time here matey

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