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My New Farm


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What a bargain MGU.....will look good with older tractors and some animals in the yard  ;D

Kev, I don't believe that joytoys were part of Britains. I think they just capitalised on Britains popularity and made the buildings to compliment them. I believe there is a zoo playbase as well  ;)

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Goodness gracious me MGU... what a bragain you have there buddy.... I bet you have heaps of fun playing with that (I know I would  ;) )

I like the grey fergie and roller combo as well... looks great..

Please put up some more pics when you get the chance to "elbow" dad of the computer  ;)

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Thank you.

I'm glad you like it.

I have been playing with since i bought it, but dad keeps trying to take over.

Dads eh? Who'd have them!! You keep that well and truely secure from that big bad Dad of yours MGU. Tell him to go and play down his own end!!

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