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Accord Optima 4 row maize drill

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Started making this today with limited information to go by, would like to know if people think I have got the hopper/coulter detail about right or whether any more needs adding to it :);) This is very early days on it so any feedback/suggestions on it would be wecome ;)



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looks ok so far Gav, as you say its only early days ;) ;)

Cheers Ben. I really need some good pictures of one of these though as I have very little to work off at the minute and the online brochure doesn't really give enough details of what I need :-\

That looks super gav, Are you looking at doing bigger?

Cheers, I'll start off with a 4 row but may have a go at a bigger one later at some point, possibly 6 or 8 row telescopic one ;)

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