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Britains farming German style

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@ FB/archbarch: Thank you very much for your help - this is the result of a scratch-built load area (fast solution, 1 hour work ;-)).

Dear fellow farm modell enthusiasts,

thanks to the help and encouragment of some of this forum's members, I restarted my interest in real farming and modell farming early this years, at an age of 35 years, together with my 3 years old son.

I was also supported a little by Ralf Winghart, who runs the German dedicated online shop www.witomo.de, I can abolutely recommend to everyone.

At the moment I am am taking part in a "Diorama Competition" organized by Ralf Winhart; where you can some of my works results and where you can also vote for your favourite diorama creator.

You can see the results (some of which thanks to your help!) via the direct link


Of course any feedback and critics are very welcome.

You can also give a vote (maybe for me?  ;)) at http://witomo.com/tinc?key=oyrdlfZT&formname=Farm_Diorama_2007

You can fill in you favourite 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, but you have to fill all fields and a correct e-mail address in order to take part in the poll.

Thanks for your support,

Regards "Richard de Florennes" alias Sascha Jussen, Germany

And here is a first picture, more will follow soon, if anybody is interested ...


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Here is another one, after the irrigation of carrots (see above) this is how carrots are harvested Britains style ;-)

The background shows the typical scenery of my region's landscape - the German Lower Rhine area not far from the border to the Netherlands.

More pictures from me, Sascha: see http://www.witomo.com/6595.html


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Thank you very much for the unexpected and overwhelming positive feedback!

The Grimme "Dammfr?se" (Bed Former) is basically the new SIKU Kuhn Mulch Shredder, added by cratch built resine forming shapers, plus some Grimme and warning stickers.

The beds are made of very soft wood and fixed to the basic underground by nails, then painted brown ...


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Deleted by error, here one more time - the highly appreciated Image 0545.

Please do not forget to give me a vote via one of the links mentioned above, if you are satisfied with my work (did spent a lot of energy, time and money for making the dioramas, especially at TOWSE trading - thanks Dave! ;-)) - and will give any price for the benefit of charity if i make to 1st or 2nd place!

By the way, the six dioramas at www.witomo.com are all dedicated to potato and carrot farming, which is not treated in dioramas that often as e.g. combine harvesters and balers ...

They show precidion seeding of carrots planting potatos the "German" way (first planting, then bed-forming) or the new "Scottish" system (first be forming, then planting in prepared beds), irrigation of crops and finally harvesting potatos and carrots.


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