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Kverneland 5 furrow reversible plow - R/C...

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here is the start of my new project for my radio controlled John Deere 7920 tractor scale 1/16th.

It's a Kverneland LM plow, 5 furrow, reversible.

Kverneland LM

For now everything is made out of brass, but some plastic parts will be mounted before it's finished. The moldboards will be plastic, but the 'arms' will be aluminum.

The weight is now 1 pound. The weight is good I think as it will automaticly dig into the soil. I'll work on the landwheel later this week. It will flip over and still be able to hold up the plow to the prefered depth...

For now the main frame and head is almost done, backpanel and hydraulic cylinder on the head and some minor changes to the mainframe is missing .... more to come....:








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holly **** thats going to be amazing mate, hurry up and post us a finished vid mate,

ihp, you can get pumps ect that small, but i think they are air powered as aposed to hydrallic, so you would need a compressor to run it, marky had details of somebody who made stuff that small

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Some updates on the Kverneland plow has been made in the weekend.

As you can see the moldboards are attached to the 'arms'. The 'front plows' are only temporary, they are glued on just for pics. New ones will be bolted on.

Still need to make the depth wheel, stand etc. Paint and decals.

Here is some pictures for you:






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