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MF 1014ROS based on Deutz TTV chasis from UH

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Thanx nathan for the tip!!!

Maybe i wil try to put a 595 bonnet on it i have 3bonnets from broken 595's.

I got them from a nefew of my he played whit the 595's when he was young and has now children of his own and all whats left of it was the bonnet,chassis and the platform

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i didn't think the 1014 was fitted with that cab , any info on them marky ? the cab like your siku 284 ? was what was fitted to the 1014

Sadly... no literature on the 1014 Marcus.. I have some pics in my book which clearly show the 1014 with a 600 series cab though mate.... I'll get it scanned and put up  ;)
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than we have the same book marky i seen'd it in:  a world wide guide true massey ferguson 100 and 1000 tractors 1964-1988

It sai's made in argentina

Hope you got the picture's of it i can't scan on the moment

That's the one Johnny... I'll pop it up shortly... do you have the Industrial Machines version as well  ??? - they are both a cracking read  :)
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thanx marky

Hey jan jaap i am still working on the interior one step on the time! but you know that jan jaap.Love youre models to you know that!

i must look what i am going to do first now because i don't have the experience you have guy's!

Still got alout of ideas  to try to make them (maybe to much ideas!) but i am still trying!

Thanx mate's ;) ;)

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thought that was for your 3125 mate :D :D :D your worse than i ma swapping things round at the last miniute :D :D :D

:-[:-[ :-[ well i looked at the chassis and i tought maybe the 1014looks nice on that!

I tryed and i touhgd  :o :o this looks good!

Must buy me a new celtis for the 3125! ;D ;D ;)

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Well in Paul his topic i already mentioned that ive bin working on this on again also!

Put it now on a chasis from the Deutz ttv and put a frontweight off the MF5480 on the front of the chasis.

I think the tractor looks like a real beast on these tyres/chasis!.




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