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Britains Stargard Space Toys

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Hello to you all,

Does anyone know anything about the old space "Stargard" toys from the early to mid 1980s ?

I have my old catalogues for production dates and model numbers but I was wondering if anybody knew values etc.

I am guessing that they weren't very popular at the time and therefore aren't very collectible now ?

I can remember them but I never liked them back then.


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Yes I know what its like.

I simply haven't got time to ride mine,I bought it last september and have only ridden it around the garden a few times.I plan to get my son Charlie a small bike like a crf 50 .

He can ride one quite well and it won't make too much noise in the garden.

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i used to have a load, not sure it was around for long :-\ :-\, i remember the good guys being yellow and the baddies green???. Can sell for quite a lot sometimes on eBay :-\ :-\

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There are not many core collectors for the range so values do not really reach significant prices. The space station boxed doesnt do too badly however, but I get the impression to be worth anything, it has to be in really mint condition with the packaging in tact. Last year at Christies, there was a large wax prototype of one of the alien figures, which made a few hundred quid.

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