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Can't decide: JD 7930 or 7920


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Hi guys, I'm planning on buying a new JD tonight but I can't decide between the 20 or the 30, if any of you have any reasons of why to choose one over the other I'd appreciate if you'd post :)

PS: first post :)

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isnt it a poor model anyway with crap turning circle?? ???

which wheels are they Tris in case someone wants to get some ;)??? ???

I got them from Farmmodels last year, not sure of brand as they were made by a chap in Italy for Zwolle.

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Welcome to the forum mar, you will love it here,

I have afew JDs and i use the 7920 for the crap jobs , ill take the 7930 any day of the week, it has a better turning circle than the 20, it has a hitch that can hold a 7furrow siu plough, or a 6 m power harrow, i have the usa edition with duals, but ive put it on bar axle for ploughing,

Hope this helps you out a bit, just let me knw if you want pics, but go for the 7930 over the 7920

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