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my 2007 silage outfit


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heres some pic of my silage outfit, i was hoping to have the big m by now but between the gigs and the reels i havent got around to getiing it yet so my trusty 3690 is flat out trying to mow ahead of the 900. theres a new jcb 416 loading shovel purchased for this year and too clean second hand mf 6190's were picked up when they came up at a bargain price when a nearby farmer decided to restructure his machinery stables. they cut approximately 4500 acres of grass and 400 acres maize.

first pics are the 3690 some of ye will have seen her before. the intention was to have her mowing out in front of the baler this year but like i said delays in my big m arriving in the yard have made me have to change that plan



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next up is the class 900 a 06 reg and the new shovel. the mowers harvester and loading shovels are all kept on for 3 season before being replaced and the tractors generally stay longer

and a picture of the drawing tractors, theres 3 6290's and 2 6190's



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thanks lads, ya noel the detail is unreal, its hard to believe they can get that much detail into it, i got the big x too and thats unreal as well. ill get you some pics tomorrow evening of the trailers up close, agrium made the masteron conversions and Sean (tractorman810) did the lees

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