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Scania Tractor unit.

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what is the differance  :-\ i cant tell  :-\

That'll be the masking tape doing it's work!!! The cabs are different sizes, the yellow one is ever so slightly narrower but this won't actually show anyway. What is tricky however is that the topline roof overhangs the front too far as the rear part of the cab is not deep enough to bring it back flush. However, unlike the yellow Newray truck pre-cut up, the Joytoy bullnose has a seperate sunvisor so I can replace this where I need to to hide the overhang slightly. Lot's of taping, eying up etc before I fix anything. Not doing any more on it now. Just a l;ittle but at a time and a good think inbetween.

Thansk for the comments all.  :)

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wow fantastic bit of masking tape mate ,shame you didn't have anything better to show it off on   :(

looking good tris , will look really smart whenits all hooked up to a trailer  :) :)

May have to try my first scratch build for that one!!

Cheers everyone. Now I know it looks good to other people I will do a bit more to it. Not going to rush it though as it is the only one I am likely to do so it just has to look the bees knees at the other end!! :-[

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Here's the CW unit in all its glory...


Ya see lads, thats how T-cabs should look!!! They have a fantastic fleet all done up to the nuys like this. Scanias and Volvos.

;D cracking ther tris i  love her, its she going to be tandom drive or single with a tag?

Single with a tag mate. :)

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