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ballymorran farms

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its been quite busy on the farm this weather,ewes and lambs were brought home from grazing ground quite a distance from the yard and run through the dip,the farm plans to sell its sheep enterprise this year and concentrate on the dairy side,also a new silo for 2nd cut has been built,just need the dry weather to make a start on the 2nd cut!  :o  :P

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they are on there way down to the mournes noel........  :P

theres enough grass on the Mournes to keep them going all summer and then some ha ha!

do you want me to keep any eye on them for you massey man  ;)  ;)    :D

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yea noel please,just be sure you dont fall asleep counting them,theres 40 in that batch......  :D

am well used to counting sheep by now, everytime im out and about, my old man is at me to check over his lot! ha ha! lazy git

And he's just got a Highland Bull called Bertie for his Highland girlies ha ha!

Talk about a job in trying to source a bull, let alone a decent one!!!

Here is a pic of him on the farm my old man got him from


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The Highland Bull is a beauty - they're classed as a rare breed aren't they ???

The layout looks great... presumably the sheep were only in the small paddock for lambing anyway. The buildings are fab too - love the farmhouse :-*

I think they are classed as a rare breed LadyFarmer.

I must admit he is a beauty, lets hope he gets on with the business at hand  ;)  ;)

I will have to take a few pics of the ladies and post them up for you all to see!

SORRY for hi-jacking massey mans topic!

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well the lambs were took off the ewes and are headn to market shortly,this will be the last crop of lambs from the farm,6290 on floats was in sowing a bit of fertiliser today and over on the contracting side a new pottinger jumbo silage wagon was purchased to help out the fx60 in this wet and difficuilt season...........



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