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More things to do with an MF 362

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I'm a poet and i know it !

This one is a bit of a 'flight of fancy' on my part.

Here is the latest 362 variation. If anyone has the copy of Classic Tractor from February 2002, on page 15 is a picture of a semi narrow 135 with rear flotation wheels, and on the back cover is a picture of an MF 250 with square fenders. This one is a bit of a cross between the two



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Not sure of the model number but an old retired farmer neighbour 'downsized' and moved to a smallholding and bought one of these exact MF tractors, wish I took a pic of it now but alas, hindsight and all that. The rear tyres were not quite as wide but everything else is pretty much exact. The old chap is dead and gone now so don't know where the tractor is. I remember though that he bought it in 1999 at a cost of around ?5,000.

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nice work mate & beat me to it , wsas going to fit some LP tyres on some of minr but i haven't got any spare  >:(

throuble is those tyres chunk it out so much it looks bigger than it actually is  ::) i reckon on leaving it as a 350 / 362  :) :) :)

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Marky help us with this one, did MF make a model something like apassmore's, but  never released it I thought I saw an article last year in Classic Tractor  ??? not sure thought it was a 3?? something or other ??? ???

Ummm... not sure of that one Garrett.... I'll have a dig around... it would have been an export model with no cab on it like that  :-\
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