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VP Farms Harvest 2007


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As we approach the hottest days of summer, we are preparing to try and get the rice out of the fields.  The fields have been draining for a while now and are as dry as they'll get with all the rain.  Meanwhile we've been getting the combine, headers, and carts out of the sheds to get them ready.




Got Craig to bring the combine out while I brought the header.  I had brought the IH yesterday with the grain trailer expecting to start today. 


Put the header on and did a round to take a moisture test.




He unloaded in the truck and I took the sample.  It tested 18%, so its good enough to cut, we just have to dry it in the bins.


I sent for Brandon and Bobby to bring the carts out to the field so we could get going.



We just about filled the truck, carts and combine before we called it quits.  Back at it in the morning though.


Spilled a little trying to unchoke the auger on the cart.


Thats all for now.  Questions/Comments Welcome

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Mid September has brought our first taste of highs below 90 degrees since May.  It has also brought our first taste of hurricane season.  We got 4-5 inches from Humberto last Thursday.  There was very little wind damage, some areas the soybean plants are leaning but nothing was flatened.  Now that the water has dried up, we are getting back to work.  We've had the 9220 hooked to the green disk.  We've been working to disk up some old ruts left  behind from rice harvest.


With the price of Wheat and soybeans rising lately, I've decided to plant more next year.  We've already disked up about 320 acres of old rice stubble, and all of it plus some of the old soybean land will go into wheat, with a soybean double crop for next year.  Our planting tools need to be prepared to plant some wheat.  We will probably start early October.



We started cutting soybeans last week.  They were still a little green when Humberto hit, so we weren't in a huge hurry to get the combine back into the field.  But now that the ground is dry we are back at it.



Taking the levee road to the back of the field.  That is the best starting point.




Meanwhile, I had someone on the 9220 running the disk a second time through the old rice stuble.


Catching the headlands after he was done.


Thats all for now.

Questions/Comments welcome.

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