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a couple of weeks a go i spotted an special MF on farmphoto.com and i tought this i want in my colection!

so 2 days ago ive started it because it was raining in holland and i was bored again (what a vacation not the weater fore it in my last week!)

so after many hours of work ive became this far.

made a  scrathcbuild chassis,cab and a bonnet from plastic plate the same kind of plate that i used fore the MF690.

This is the second scratch build cab and my first scratch build bonnet.

so what do you think about it ???



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if you want to do that fore me 1hp! ???

ive only got a few pics of farmphoto.com but the pics show me only boht sides i go crazy about the details of this one i don't know how the back of this machine is looking!

And i made the things on goodluck that its right!

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thanx for the reacitoins guy's

yesterday i begon whit the rear fenders of the MF4135 valtrac but i was not happy by the way it looked!

So starting over again whit the rear fenders!

When i begon drawing the workdrawings i begon to wonder if this model realy going to be made by me ???

So i started whit the chasis and then i thought this is never go?ng  to work but i continued made a cab and a bonnet.

Looked at the model on the chassis and i thougd by my self this is what i want!

But no i am working on the rear fender and i thougd by my self no this is not gonna work!

Now i gonna leaf the model like it is and wait fore a couple of days to continue than my heads cleared and got more courage to finish it!

Now is my qeustion: Have you guy's some time like me now, that if it's not working,and take a couple of day's distance of the project,

and you begin after a few days again that it is working the first time!

I hope i get some tips because i am stuck on the moment!! :-\ :-\

Thanx and greatings Johny MF

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I take years :D

I did the same thing almost...made the chassis, fitted a britains MF 3680 bonnet, Ros 3070 cab and tried to modify Britains MF3680 rear mud guards for the rear..my downfall was I based it on a two MB trac chassis front ends (4 wheel steer) but of course that type of steering required too much clearance..one day I'll go back and either lock the rear axle or fit some TSA or TN axles :) I think I could make it now, but I never get round to these things.

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The thing is i still have to make the axels my self!

Every thing what you see on the photo's exept the wheels is made by my self!

Now parts used from any tractor! The bonet and the cab are made from 3mm plastic plate frome evergreen!

The bonet is made in shape whit a balsa wood blok that i scraped in the right curves!

Everything is scratchbuild

So i think i must/got the skills to make the rear fenders right!

And this is the first project i completly making all the parts my self!

So my head is cracking over here how to go on! I am realy stuck at the moment! :-[:-X (need help! Tips!)

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wel i think 1HP i am going to do that!Thanx fore the tip mate!

I want to make the axe also from plastic from evergreen the sam kind of material that i used for the chassis!

I want to make that the wheels can steere but thats not something to be done easy but i am going to try it!

One day it must work what i am trying!(I hope)

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nice work mate!!

now i have an idea how to make an axle!!

Thanx 1HP youve been helping me alot whit this project i apreceat it! ;)

I am making the model completly my self because it was a challence for my self!

and never seen this tractor in scale 1:32 so i want to be the first one to do it!

Thats all

And it is a great learning project for me because ive only made a model  or 5!

and there not all finished

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i think i do wat sean advised me it saves a lot of work if i use axles from joal.

thanx for all the tips mate's  ;):D

i must make me an order list of all the parts and decals that i need (not only for this project but for the rest that i am making to)

when i have the parts i can finish some projects (MF690,8130,1014,4135valtrac)

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