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MB Trac 1500 white

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I sold one a couple of months ago to our friend the 'Funchemist' on ebay for ?75,in a Rainbow Box-it was not quite mint as some of the white plastic bodywork had discoloured slightly.

As a guide as posted above boxed depending on condition anything between ?60 and ?90 on ebay in my experience.Hope this helps.

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Kentman-his name is Joerg Dibo he is from Germany-I have sold quite a bit of stuff off ebay to him-a great guy to deal with.He is not quite as active on ebay as he used to be ,he used to bid on everything that was worth anything about 2 years ago.Saying that he must have one of the biggest Britains collections around.He only seems to bid on the very hard to come by items now.

I am pretty sure he is a member on here.

He used to employ a very interesting tactic on ebay of going in very high initially,I think a lot of people used to see his name and thought it was not worth bidding if he was in for it.I sure it must have worked for him on numerous occasions the amount of stuff he bought when he was most active.

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