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Leakey Vale in its new home


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Sue, glad you got some pics up properly in your very own Topic, LeakyVale deserves nowt less. Hope everyone gets in here to see these quick sharp now.



Couldnt agree more tris the website is great sue

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:-[ shucks Guys, you are making me blush.

Mandy is correct the little Massey is a lovely model which came out of the same loft as the wreck of a Ford.  Difference was it had never been played with. 

My favourite, however, is the little Ferguson TE20 with Mr Ferguson at the wheel.  I love those little tractors and one drives through our village on sunday mornings in the company of a little Massey and sometimes one or two others.

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The lighting inside is for 1:24 dolls house but it works a dream

The Museum, Dairy and the rally field/arena.  In case you're wondering the museum has a cut-away roof as it needs to fit inside a sloping topped cabinet when out on display.  I shall now have to make a full roof for its new situation. Or perhaps not as you then cannot see the top floor exhibits.


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i use that lighting as well, on 2 sheds, its great!!!

can i ask where you got the 'people' from?? ???

Some are Preiser, some are Carerra spectator figures, and some MRRC which come unpainted.  MRRC supplied the film crew, vendors and such.  They are all slot car/railway Gauge 1 (54mm) and I usually buy mine through Pendle Slot Racing http://www.pendleslotracing.co.uk/ There are other places but Pendle have a good range (and trees) and are efficient. 

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I thought you told me that he tripped over the cat :D

Well he may have!  Either way he has a broken leg perhaps it is better to blame the cat than admit to falling off the combine.  Certainly a young driver of my acquaintance broke his arm falling off his father's combine adn was quite reticent about it.

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