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britains box names


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As part of my database to catalogue my collection i want to record what box type each model comes with cos i have some models the same, but with variations of box.

So what are the names of boxes?

I know theres the "Rainbow" box that was used in 80s

what are the others called ammoungst collectors.



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There are two Rainbow boxes, Chevron and Banded, Chevron was the first issued.  Also 'Blue Spot' issued from about 1992 to 1997. Prior to the Chevron Rainbow was Straw and prior to that Packing Case.  All should be self-explanatory as they describe the features of each type of box.  If you need any examples let me know and I'll get some photo's for you.  Can also give you the appromiate years each type was box was current for.

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can you not post them up anyway, others may find it useful ;) ;)

Britain?s Farm Boxes are a subject all to themselves.  I haven?t a huge amount of time to put together a really detailed document so here is a quick summary.  Not sure where Dan wants to start but as he mentioned Rainbow boxes then I?ll start my detail/pictures from there.

Rainbow boxes were first introduced in about 1980, replacing the straw boxes.  The first version was the Chevron Rainbow.  There were many variations but in the main the box was red and the Rainbow Bands were diagonal across the corners.

Two Examples:



In about 1989 Britains introduced the Banded Rainbow box.  The main colour of the box was still red but a white end was introduced and the rainbow bands ran round the box vertically at one end and separated the red from the white in the box design.

An Example:


In about 1992 the Blue Spot box was introduced.  Named as such because of the Blue Circle that was printed on the box front on the bottom right hand side.  In this circle was printed in yellow 1:32 Scale.

An Example:


The Authentic Farm box replaced the Blue Spot in about 1999.  This is named because of the oval plaque printed on the front of the box top left hand side saying Authentic Farm Models.

An Example:


Today we have many different Britains boxes because of the manufacturers branding that has been adopted.

The first Britains Farm vehicles were issued in a Green Card box, then from about 1950 the Duck and Egg box.  Then we had the Sliding Display box and the Packing Case boxes.  These were followed by the Window Display boxes until the Straw box was introduced in about 1972.

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