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newray M.A.N. truck with working steering and hiab

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That working steering really makes the truck!

As for "Hiabs".........they seem to be scarcer than hens teeth!

found a model unimog with a hiab on it today at a caboot sale and is about the right size so doing a bit of mods to fit it, not a bad hiab the legs pullout and go dowm like the real ones and I've altered it so you can fold them backwards in transport postion for extra ground clearance ;)

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The Hiab looks the "dogs b*****s"!......... nice piece of kit, pity they cant be bought "of the shelf"

cheers mate  :) I've looked all over the unimog for who makes it but can't find a thing. I've now removed one exhaust so it sits better now when it's folded up and removed the spare wheel and refitted the fuel and air tanks

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The steering makes it mate, working on that myself as well as and when I can between other things. As for HIABs, rocking horse sh** is the term I am familiar with so a lucky find with that mog mate. Good one chap. Now get back to the ag machines and leave these trucks alone will ya  ::)

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