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A question for the Britains Experts...


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I recently purchased a Britains No 40f Farm Horse and Cart as part of a lot at an auction.  The auction house described it as having the wrong horse but I don't think it is.  The box says "the small studs inside rest in the grooves in the harness of the horse".  Grooves are there, the horse fits beautifully and looks exactly like the one in the picture on the box.

Any comments/info gratefully accepted. 



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I think, Susan that they may not have realised it was a pre-war version, and the horse is slightly different from the later version... looks like the right horse to me :)

Well Sue , I must have the wrong horse as well then in my set  :o;)

Think its fine  ;)

Thanks for the confirmation. I am no expert, although I collect I generally only buy items I like and are different rather than just for the sake of having a particular piece of old Britains.

The auction house was Vectis who generally know what they are about and did say it was 1930[+something].  As this was included in the lot it was not the set I really wanted so it came as a bonus.  Think this must be my best buy to date.  Perhaps the "wrong horse" bit put the other bidders off?

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